Calum Diprose Front-end leaning Full-stack Developer


RescapeAI utilises the SDXL text to image model to create style variations of a users garden. The first release was built in about 6 weeks with Remix and SST during my redundancy at the end of 2023. Visit Rescape

Small Robot Co

I have built two mission critical applications to facilitate the service delivery provided by SRC. Onboarding, rapidly, and clearly introducing juniors to front-end concepts so they could contribute to the codebase.

Utilising Mobx and an MVVM architecture, I built the second version robot monitoring and control application. Watch

Enotria & Coe

Contracted to support bug and feature development on the Telegraph Wine Cellar website. Powered by Strapi and algolia, key developments include replacing all algolia logic with SSR equivalent to facilitate statically generated pages.

Donut - DeFi

Contracted to port their Nuxt build to Next.js, made more maintainable by introducing styled components over the previous styling with non moduled .css files. All copy was fed from Contentful. Preview

Deep Blue C

Contracted to build Serge, a digital version of a wargame used by the Royal Navy.

The application was channel based with users being able to message other players based around routes of communication. For this I used PouchDB and integrated it with the front-end that was built with React and Redux.

Beam, The Mill

I took ownership of front-end development of an in-house React & Flux content distribution and asset management system called Beam.

My key accomplishment was developing a sophisticated user interface to facilitate organisation of deliverables. The feature was complete with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and dynamic re-ordering and re-naming capabilities.